Studio Hire Terms & Conditions

Our hire terms exist to ensure that everyone in our space works in a safe and comfortable environment. We therefore ask visiting companies, or users of the space, to adhere to the terms and conditions as outlined in this document. The hire of spaces under these terms and conditions does not create any affiliation or partnership between you (the Hirer) and Scene & Heard (we/us).

These Terms & Conditions apply to all confirmed bookings and we recommend that you familiarise yourself with them before booking. Should you have any questions please contact us directly: or call 020 7388 9009

Please note: Your booking is confirmed only once we have received your signed booking form and payment (either your deposit or payment in full, depending when the booking is received) and you have received a confirmation email from Scene & Heard.



  • Hire charges are as quoted at the time of booking
  • You agree that the studio will only be used for the purposes declared on your booking form
  • A booking is confirmed when we have received a fully completed, signed Booking Form and payment for the hire period, for which you will be invoiced
  • All bookings must be paid in advance by card or BACS transfer. Cheques will only be accepted twenty eight (28) days prior to the date of hire. If your payment is not received in advance you may not be admitted to the space on the date of your hire
  • Please ensure all booking and invoicing/personal details are correct before finalising your booking
  • We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties
  • Your hire agreement is solely for the Hirer named on the Booking Form and is not transferable
  • The space is hired as is. We cannot give any guarantee that the space and facilities are fit or suitable for your purposes. If you wish to check the suitability of the space prior to booking the Hirer should contact Scene & Heard to make a time to be shown around the building


  • Any cancellation must be made in written / email form
  • Confirmed bookings which are cancelled more than two weeks in advance of the date of hire will receive a full refund
  • Confirmed bookings which are cancelled within two weeks of the date of hire – 25% of total charge to be paid by Hirer
  • Confirmed bookings which are cancelled within 24hours of the date of hire – 100% of total charge to be paid by Hirer
  • Scene & Heard reserves the right to halt or cancel any booking [or any part of it] deemed to be unsuitable for our centre, offensive or unsafe without notice.


  • You agree to comply with all safety regulations connected with the permitted use of the building including fire regulations, health and safety regulations, performing rights regulations and licensing and gaming laws. You cannot use the facilities for any illegal or immoral purpose
  • You agree to familiarize yourself and any person connected to you with the fire emergency procedures and must make sure room/space participants are fully informed of the emergency procedures also
  • A risk assessment should be carried out and be available for Scene & Heard staff in advance and on the day. Scene & Heard takes no responsibility for the content or health & safety of events/classes run by external hirers.
  • The Hirer must not place any obstructions in entrances/exits, or in passages, or obstruct access to all places of work in any way. The Hirer shall not bring or permit to be brought onto the premises any weapons, explosives, inflammable material, fireworks or other pyrotechnics nor use or permit the use of any naked lights in any part of the premises
  • Any equipment brought into the building should be compliant with current guidance and legislation. All electrical items must be PAT tested and flammable objects must be treated with fireproof spray. Hirers are required to have a list of all equipment in use and relevant supporting documentation
  • The building is no smoking throughout.

COVID – 19

  •  The Hirer must familiarise themselves with the Covid-19 procedures and must make sure all participants are fully informed of said procedures. The Hirer is responsible for checking on the daily health and well-being of the group and adhere to up-to-date advice and restrictions as provided by Public Health England. The Hirer must ensure the practice of regular hand-sanitiser usage, especially when entering and leaving the building. For details of the PHE’s Covid-19 policies, please visit:
  • Lateral Flow testing – If someone in the Hirer’s group tests positive Scene & Heard must be informed by emailing or speaking to a Scene & Heard member of staff


  • Using the space – The booking time includes set up and clear down. Please factor this in when booking. Please ensure you leave the space as you found it. Vacuums and cleaning materials are available for you to use should your space need cleaning after you have finished your session. We are limited in our staff and would appreciate help in keeping the studios tidy for other users
  • Child Protection – The Hirer accepts full responsibility for ensuring that an appropriate Child Protection Procedure is in place and is observed by all persons on the premises involved with children and young persons under the age of 18 during the course of the event for which the premises have been hired. If a session involves participants who are under the age of 18 or considered as vulnerable adults the hirer is responsible for ensuring that the relevant DBS checks have been obtained and can be produced on request
  • Insurance – The Hirer acknowledges that the loss of any items left unattended is not covered by Scene & Heard’s insurance cover and so the responsibility of these items falls onto the Hirer. It is required that the Hirer should purchase their own insurance to cover any situation involving loss or injury to a member of the public as a result of their own activities
  • Additional Charges – We reserve the right to add additional charges for any over-run bookings in the space, early access with or without agreement, unclaimed items or unclean rooms/areas. Any damage to the space or mess left as a result of your use will be invoiced to you, and will include the time and labour required to get the space back to standard.  The Hirer must inform Scene & Heard of any damage they or their colleagues have caused immediately — by phone, text or email — so that it can be repaired
  • Limitation of Liability – the Hirer is solely responsible for any liability, injury, personal claims, litigation or any other matter resulting from the hire of the premises on behalf of themselves and fellow users/guests and indemnifies Scene & Heard from any such costs.
    • Scene & Heard accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage, theft or injury suffered by the Hirer or any person using the space 
    • The Hirer shall be responsible for any loss, damage or theft and undertakes to report to Scene & Heard any such loss or damage to the space or Scene & Heard’s equipment 
    • You agree to look after the studio and prevent any damage occurring. As the person responsible for the hire of the studio, you agree to supervise all users of the studio, the facilities and the building, directly or indirectly connected to you 
  • Access – The Hirer must inform Scene & Heard in advance if there are expected participants with additional needs and/or additional access requirements
  • Diversity and inclusion – we will reject any bookings where the activity, or the individual or organisation, is deemed to discriminate against a particular group or community
  • Facilities – The Hirer shall not use the rooms for any purpose other than that described in the Booking Form and shall not sub-hire or allow the room to be used for any unlawful purpose or in any unlawful way, nor do anything which may endanger the premises or any insurance policies connected with the premises. You agree to treat all equipment and furniture with use of the facilities with care
  • Getting here and parking – We encourage our hirers to use public transport or cycle to our venue. We are centrally located, within walking distance of a number of tube/train stations and many bus routes. The hire of the premises does not include the use of parking facilities. Street parking is available (pay by phone)
  • Keep us informed – You are responsible for informing Scene & Heard if you notice anything unusual in the condition of the space you are using before commencing your booking
  • Lost property – Any items left in the rooms will be placed in lost property for 30 days. After this time, they will be disposed of
  • Noise – Please show courtesy to others in the premises by keeping noise to an acceptable level. Please make sure that you keep noise to a non-intrusive level after 6pm. If music / instruments / singing / recorded sound is used in any rooms and proves disturbing to others, we reserve the right to ask for the volume to be lowered, and in extreme circumstances, for the sound to be turned off completely
  • Pets – No pets are allowed; however, assistance animals are welcome under the Equality Act 2010. Please let us know before your booking if you are planning on bringing an assistance animal, by emailing
  • Permissions – our permission must be granted in writing if Scene & Heard or our building is to be used in any of your marketing or promotional material
  • Post – The hirer cannot have post or other items delivered to the building, unless by special arrangement with Scene & Heard staff
  • Reputation – You agree not to do anything which harms Scene & Heard or its reputation
  • Storage – Storage on site is very limited and discretionary upon request.  Any items stored in the building are left at the owner’s own risk and must be agreed upon by Scene & Heard staff
  • When you leave – you agree to leave the studio and the building in a clean and tidy condition. If any furniture, equipment, plants or ornaments have been moved, these must be put back as you found them and any rubbish or mess cleaned up

Applicable Law:
This agreement shall be governed by the laws of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

These Terms and Conditions shall not be varied except by agreement in writing.