Replay and The Third Man/Woman

Replay requires the children to write a two-character play into which a third character must enter, change the course of the action and then leave.  For the purposes of sheer theatricality, and to the surprise and delight of the child playwrights, ‘The Third Man’ is played by the same actor in each of the ten plays.

Third Man/Woman Roll Call

2016  Catriona Knox
2015  Greg Haiste
2014  Morag Cross
2013  Ben Moor
2012  Sophie Russell
2011  Simon Scardifield
2010  Jenni Maitland
2009  Jason Cheater
2007  Giles Taylor
2005  Neil Edmond
2004  Selina Boyack
2003  Oliver Senton
2002  Dan Copeland
2001  Kate Terence
2000  Don Gilet
2000  Duncan Milligan