Individual Giving

cene & Heard is one of those rare, simple and beautiful ideas which you nearly thought of yourself but didn’t quite get round to.  If everyone sent a tenner then that part of town would forever be in better shape.”
BILL NIGHY, Actor and Scene & Heard Patron

Everything we do at Scene & Heard is free to those who use it, from the courses the children take to our performances.  It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from or why you’re here, you attend Scene & Heard for free.
It costs us over £20,000 per course to deliver the classes and to create amazing plays in a small theatre in the middle of this vibrant community. We are heavily reliant on your generosity to continue working with the children of Somers Town.

Can you give £5 a month to support us?

That £5 a month will make a huge difference. It helps us plan for the future.  It allows us to tell our Member Playwrights when they finish a course that they can return for the next one.  It lets their parents know that we will be there to work with their children and to support them.  It means that our volunteers can return again and again and share their talents and enthusiasm with those that can benefit most.

Please join our Eyes and Ears scheme today and help Scene & Heard continue mentoring our Member Playwrights and introducing them to the magic of performance. Just fill out the form below and post it to us, we’ll do the rest.

Download the Eyes & Ears Standing Order Form

THANK YOU for your supporPlot 10 group pointingt!

If you’d prefer to make a single donation (or a monthly online donation), please click the DONATE NOW button (above right) which will take you to a secure donation page on Virgin Money Giving.