Centre Of Excellence

Scene & Heard is a hugely successful voluntary organisation. We are a combination of children’s charity and professional theatre company; a treasured community resource, a highly regarded part of the London theatre scene – a Centre of Excellence.

We have seen, over years of work, how effective our mentoring programme is – the long-term difference it can make to children, to families and to the community. Our experience has given us valuable insight, allowing us to define best practice to achieve the best outcomes for the young people we work with. We want to share this experience, positively influencing other practitioners, so that more people can achieve the outcomes we have seen.

As a Centre of Excellence, we do more than just create our own amazing work. We share our knowledge by inviting anyone who’s trying to improve what they do to come and learn from our experience and expertise. We work in education and the arts, with charities and practitioners, to help them get better at what they do. And we seek opportunities to help shape policy and opinion in the arts, education and charity sectors, in Camden and beyond.

We help other organisations and individuals in the UK and abroad to learn from our expertise, advising how to: start up or sustain a new charity; set up education projects using playwriting or theatre; work with troubled children facing multiple disadvantage; access hard-to-reach children and families; undertake one-to-one mentoring; evaluate, measure impact and outcomes; improve communication and publicity; and design fundraising strategies.

To date, our work has included advice and/or collaboration with:

Abram Wilson Foundation                            Camden Children Schools & Families
The Centre for Social Justice                       Commission on the Donor Experience
Committee on Digital, Media, Culture & Sport
Intermission Theatre                                     Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse
New Voices Bristol                                        Outdoor Arts & Urban Scenography
Phakama                                                       Refugee Film Project
Southwark Playhouse
Stephen Joseph Theatre in the Round (Scarborough)
Storytelling Project                                         The Camden Music Trust
The Kalisher Trust                                          University of Kent
University of Oregon Social Entrepreneurship in London course
Watford Palace Theatre                                  Young Irish Film Makers